02 August 2012

I have learned over the years that much of ministry is not really about ministry, but more about seeing the need and meeting it. Working at camp taught me this - you jump in, do what needs doing, regardless of whether or not it is your job to clean the toilets or play guitar or wipe tables or end up with a cabin of squirrely Jr High boys when you thought you were supposed to be the pool guy and drive a big blue truck thru the woods all day. Another story for another time.

Today was no different. Shortly after I got in the office, the phone range. It was Pat. Pat is 91. And moving. Wondering if I could get some youth group kids to come help her move some stuff. These requests always make me giggle a little inside. Another story for another time. Needless to say, after making some arrangements, I ran to Pat's house to carry up a few chairs and end tables for her garage sale so her young friends (65+) wouldn't have to. She was super appreciative, I was thankful for the break from bulletins, and away we went.

Craziest thing...I commented to her daughter that when I walked into Pat's house, I was immediately taken back to my grandparent's house. Like I was 10 again. The decor, the smell, the counter top clutter, all of it. Blew my mind. I miss my grandparents...one thing I remember was this crazy wooden plaque deal that Grandpa had made. I would sit in his chair and look at this thing for hours, trying to figure out what it said. One day I asked...and Grandpa smiled and told me to look harder...to look thru the shapes...and there it was.


Her friend Florence showed up at church later on for a meeting, and gave me a little wooden plaque that had this same negative relief writing on it. This afternoon I am looking at this wooden plaque, thinking of Grandpa and Grandma, and how they put the name of Jesus in front of us all the time. Sometimes you had to look to see it, but it was always there. That is something I strive to do, too...allow the name of Jesus to be seen in the puzzle that is my life. Sometimes you have to look a little harder to see it, but I hope He is always there if you want to see it.

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