01 December 2010

Rediscovered "My Utmost for His Highest" during the move; the online version became my morning devotional as all my books were in assorted boxes stacked about the old house.  Yesterday's reading was particularly...teeth-rattling?  The jist was that when we try to be overly 'humble' -- as in, "Oh, I cannot POSSIBLY do that because I'm not that good/worthy/mature...", we are in essence insulting the God who made us and wired us up to serve Him with excellence based on the gifts we have been given.  Humility is good; but sometimes as believers we want play the humble card in efforts to appear humble, rather than knowing we are capable of greatness and acknowledging that that ability is a God given gift to be used for His sake and glory.  I am guilty of this on occasion; truth be told, sometimes it is necessary to accept the fact that God has made me good at what I do and to be proud of who God is in my life, who He has made me to be, and to be thrilled to serve the Almighty with excellence.  

By the Grace of God I Am What I Am

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Anonymous said...

Such a tricky balance, and where does shyness/being bashful come in the mixture? Struggling against a current that is our personality that was engrained to flow in a certain direction makes for a real daily challenge.